Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our mold problem.

This is what we found behind the cabinets May 17, 2008. Behind every cabinet there was black mold in the wall and on the back of the cabinets. We have been living in this house w/this in the wall for about 18 months, and would still be if it didn't get so bad that we could see it behind the dishwasher and refrigerator. The water was coming in from a leek around a boot that the inspector failed to look at. The restoration company sealed up the kitchen for over 2 months due to the insurance not doing anything w/ the claim. This has been a nightmare for the whole family. Try grilling in the rain and doing dishes for months in your bathtub, not so fun! We had a contractor come in and look at the wall and there was rotted would all in the wall so pretty much the entire wall had to be replace inside out. Since then we slowly got the kitchen put back together. We only received 5000.00 from the insurance company. So yes we are in a bit of a house debit now. We have had our new kitchen for just about 3 weeks and am so glad to have a sink again. This has defiantly been the hardest 5 months I have ever had. We have been blessed w/ people who have helped us for next to nothing and some even free. A big thank you to David Cook. We met this contractor in Chilli's one night on Joel and I date night waiting for a seat. He was on vacation visiting a former Marine buddy. How our kitchen came up I don't really know but he came in and put all our cabinets up for free. We couldn't afford to buy them and pay labor so we were going to try to do it our self. Little did we know God had his plan all along. This is why I love this quote "Some people come through our lives to bring us something a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn and that is why they are here." All I can do is Thank all my Blessings and God for giving them to Us!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Air Show

Just a few pics taken of the kids at the Air show in June. You can never guess which of the boys wants to be a My little Sethie!

Jaida Brook

This is Just a few of the many pictures of Jaida. Her on easter this year, at school just being lazy, hugging her Bestfriend Shea, that just moved away! :( And on the way to Kansas to met all her grandparents for the first time!

Pics of the kids!

These are pictures of last soccer season both boys teams were the SilverBacks. Arions hair is much longer now. Yes this is not his dads chose for a hair